Graphic designer, art director, digital artist, marketer, performing artist, makeup artist, stylist, model, illustrator, fine artist, product designer, ux/ui designer, photographer, communication & pr and more ...


Ned Reilly


Multi-skilled Arts Professional

I'm an artist and arts worker based in East London. I’m currently freelancing as an art technician and seeking a full-time, part-time or temporary role in arts venue, gallery, shipping company or art studio.
Isaac Villafranca

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


In a musician and actor who has been in different jobs and activities related to both fields. Im curremtly living in London and looking for a job where my skills will help me to succesfully perform any task.
Im also living here to grow personally with the cultural and social context offered bu the city.
Alejandro Gomez

London / Colombia

anthropologist - photojournalist - documentary photographer

I am 32 years old, I am from Bogota, Colombia. I am a very creative person and try to develop different activities. Besides being a sportsman, I also enjoy reading, do crafts and do some juggling in my free time.
Such activities have helped me in my research to break the ice in the places where I go. This has been a way of trust building and exchanging knowledge. I believe that the most important thing is to understand that knowledge is the product of a collective work and reciprocity, among colleagues and in the community. I like the idea of enriching my knowledge without limits, always keeping in mind my aim to contribute and not to destroy my work. So I take very seriously my labor, while I recognize the responsibility that implies working always with people.
Natalia Medellin

New York

Visual arts Degree

I am a visual artist from Colombia, I am based in New York city studying a certificate in Fine Arts. I like to make illustrated books and i have been working with different clients doing illustrations for them as a freelance job.
I work with a couple of film festivals in Colombia and New York. I have three things that I love to do, drawing, painting and make books. As a visual artist I chose to specialized in graphic arts so I love print media and digital things I am really good working with photoshop and illustrator and I consider myself and artist that make art from the tropics so all of my personal work is based on my cultural heritage.
Mark Sheeky



I'm a full time artist in all media. I have a back catalogue of computer software and I run a sound effects library for game developers called IndieSFX.
I paint and exhibit fantastical oil paintings. I compose and produce music of all sorts using software of my own design and have founded a record company, Cornutopia Music, to publish over 30 albums from the past 20 years or so. I've written a novella, an academic book about art, some poetry, and have had several short stories published by various publishers. I have illustrated a few books for various publishers, and I founded Pentangel Books in 2012 to publish my printed work. I also produce and host a fortnightly TV show for YouTube called ArtSwarm which showcases experimental art videos. I have a large body of work and collaborate widely.
Janet Griffiths

Hebden bridge


I graduated from the BA hons Fine Art:Painting course at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1996 and from the MA in Fine Art at MMU in 2001. Since that time I have exhibited in solo and group shows all over the North of England, Europe and the USA.
My practice has spanned: painting, drawing and printmaking, photography and video, performance and installation. Now living in West Yorkshire after moving from the city of Manchester, I have been concentrating on painting and hand-produced monoprints for the past three years. I draw inspiration from the landscape around me and places I visit, working intuitively on abstract landscape which sometimes incorporate figures: flying and swimming (two of my favourite themes). I like to explore materials to paint on: glass and perspex, wood, slate and marble which add texture to my works and I often prints from the paintings to create experimental works. I work with bold, expressive colour and marks to create texture and emotion. I like to create playful energetic uplifting works which 'dance'. I am also a Yoga teacher which feeds its prana and energy into my work.
Ann Treesa Joy

New York City

Multi-media Artist

Ann Treesa Joy is a multi-media artist, currently working primarily in clay. Her recent work has been a critical examination of the social norms concerning the female body. She particularly loves using hair as a medium.
She received the Ursula Hemingway Jepson Memorial Award and the Talia Goldenberg Award from Carleton College where she graduated with distinction in her major and senior thesis. After graduation she went home to India to be with family and record a different landscape of objects and scenes in watercolor, pencil and pen. She currently lives in New York City and continues to make art.



I am a published photographer based in London. I specialize in people and portrait photography. I am also a very experienced event photographer. I have worked with clients such as Funding Circle, Unilever, Transfer Wise, London Business School and charity Shelter.